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Networking & events

We aim to bring together those working in alternative learning environments and those who support them.



We share news and resources of interest to those working in and with alternative learning settings.


Advocacy & support

We want to be a positive voice for the sector, particularly for those settings working outside of the Ofsted framework.



ALIGN is on a mission to bring together unregistered Alternative Provisions. We want to provide support and guidance to providers and to influence the development of legislation and policy in this area. We aim to provide a flexible ‘quality mark’ that help to celebrate and promote the benefits of unregistered provision. 

As a collective of experienced and passionate alternative provision professionals, we advocate for an individualised, person-centred approach to education that provides flexibility to adapt to the differing needs, and outcomes, of children and young people.

We are an organisation of volunteers providing a supportive network to offer guidance, toolkits and best practice examples for those doing amazing work in unregistered AP across the country

We are at the forefront of alternative provision delivery and are committed to supporting legislation and policy in order to change the narrative around unregistered alternative provisions. We want to create innovative models for oversight and accountability on a national level. We aim for this support to reflect the full range of creative approaches in the sector. 

 Please join us if you want the invaluable work you do to be recognised in all it’s diversity.

You can get involved by contacting us here.


recent Articles

Key Points for Unregistered Alternative Provision: Summary

Key Points for Unregistered Alternative Provision: Summary

In May 2024 the Department for Education published its analysis of the call for evidence completed in September 2022. While it contains lots of interesting analysis of commissioning arrangements at the local authority level, there are also some key take-aways for...

Too much software or not enough? Digital strategy for small settings

Too much software or not enough? Digital strategy for small settings

The digital context in small provisions In a small setting like an alternative provision, youth work organisation or independent school it’s possible to feel a bit isolated and overwhelmed in terms of support for your digital needs. Maintained provisions like schools...